Riverside and Our Jewish Community

For over 100 years, Riverside Cemetery has provided a sanctuary for the burial of members of our Jewish community. That tradition continues today. We continue to honor traditional in-ground burial practices, and are especially sensitive to the needs of our community providing service in all weather, through the day. Our field staff is especially sensitive to the time required to perform a graveside ceremony without rush or interruption and stand at a respectful distance, ready to step in to complete the burial when called upon.

We take great care in researching each burial, especially with respect to burial societies in which the supporting paperwork may be generations old and out of date. Each of the over 64,000 burials we've done here at Riverside have been entered into our extensive computer database. This database includes additional information such as the date of death, next of kin at the time of burial, and original purchasers of the graves. Importantly, we use our computer system to document many daily aspects of the cemetery, including digital photography to enable us to better serve our plot holders, your congregants.

About Overgrown Gravesites

Today as in years past, it has been Riverside's purpose to provide a dignified burial, however at no point in our history have we required families to provide for maintenance of a gravesite after the burial. As a result, of the 64,000-plus burials, only about half were directly provided for. Many of these gravesites were at one time planted with a variety of ground covers, including ivy, and surprisingly, yucca, and have subsequently become overgrown. Likewise, without maintenance over the past years, we estimate nearly 10,000 monuments have become tilted, in some cases dangerously so. What are we doing about it? Restoration of a gravesite area depends on the condition of the site and the nature of the surrouding area. Many of these overgrown areas are so tightly spaced, all work must be done by hand. It is our goal to 'set things straight' quite literally, at the same time being cognizant of the promise to all who have created Perpetual Endowments for their loved ones, and those who continue to pay for maintenance on an annual basis. Each season as labor, weather and funds permit, we address as many gravesites as possible. First, clear cutting debris and whenever possible straightening monuments and removing overgrowth by the roots to deter its return . . . after all, weeds are just hearty plants we find unattractive.

May We Add You to Our List?

From time to time we receive requests for a Rabbi to officiate at a burial or unveiling. May we include your name? What other information would you like to list? We will be making this available through our website. If you would like to be added to our list of officiating Rabbis, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your pertinent information.

L'Dor Va'dor — as we look to the future, Riverside will continue to focus on the full restoration of the property, and we remain open to your thoughts.